30-06-2018 The third MaGie Miniature Painting 'basics' workshop.

On 30-06-2018 we organised the third 'basics' workshop of  MaGie Miniature Painting at the Purperen Draak. This workshop was (again) a great success with registrations already being full, 3 hours after announcing the event.

This was the last 'basics' workshop in the series and will be followed by the 'advanced' workshops going into more specific area's. Do you want to explore a specific area in the next workshop? 
Then leave us a message at groninger.wargames.guild@gmail.com or at the bottom of the post. 

 And now without further ado, the pictures of the awesome creations made today!


That's it for now! 
Was your enthusiasm aroused? Then make sure to keep an eye out for MaGie's next workshop! 
We will announce it on our Facebook page.


  1. Was super!!! Zo leuk om te doen en nieuwe dingen te leren. Out of my comfortzone, en dat is goed!!


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