Friendly Fire 9 - Age of Sigmar

My fellow generals, the time has come to unleash your fantastical forces.
Our Friendly Fire series of tournaments is expanding to include Age of Sigmar as well.

This 1250-point tournament will be held on Sunday, the 23rd of September.

The rules pack is here.
It contains pretty much all the info you could want for the event.

We've got 24 spots (at least) and our intention is to make this just as much of a friendly excuse to play games that happens to be a tournament as the other FF events, so don't be shy about signing up.

You can sign up on Facebook or by leaving a comment on this post. We're keeping track of who has signed up and turned in their army list using a spreadsheet.

The next 40k event is already in preliminary planning too, so expect news about that in the not-too-distant future as well.