Tobias' Titans

 Hello, and welcome to the wonderful hobby of warhammer.

My name is Tobias. I am a husband and father, and I have my creative roots in the making of cosplay armor and weapons. And in this article I share some rantings over my greatest achievement in my long line of crafting things that are awesome and cool.   

Warhammer (warhammer fantasy and warhammer 40.000) is a multi facet hobby made up by collecting plastic game pieces, painting said game pieces and moving them across a custom compiled gametable in combination with more rules then you can wrap your head around. That's why you bring a book with all the rules and some cards with specific rules for your collected army. On the count of books, there is a literal library worth of books with lore from the warhammer (and 40K) universe. And in this massive universe there it is stated that in the grim dark future there is only war.

And in this never ending war, there walk metal “living”wargods planetside. These embodiments of the pinnacle of human engineering are titans. There are a multitude of different titans, but today I will share my two walking bringers of extreme annihilation: the Warlord Titan and the Nemesis Warbringer Titan. 

The Warlord titan is part of my Emperor's Children army. His custom head reflects the wicked nature of the traitor army of the Emperor's Children. Also the ginormous power chainfist is an embodiment of the extreme form of warfare the Emperor's Children legion like to wage. 

My second Titan is of the Nemesis Warbringer variant. This version is somewhat smaller than a Warlord, but with its back mounted quake cannon it's a dedicated titan hunter. His extreme firepower will also be used against heavily fortified enemy positions, like hyve city’s. 


This titan walks along my Adeptus Mechanicus army (which is still in the manufactorum)   

Each titan is built in a timespan of two to three months. That includes painting, the assembling of all the parts and including magnets. These are for movement and the possibility of other weapons. And most importantly, the option for disassembly, so the titan can be taken to the field of war outside of my workshop, hobby room (mancave). 

And yes, these avatars of absolute overkill are 3D printed. 3d printing is a hobby (art) completely apart from all the warhammer goodness, but if you're persevered enough, you can build titans. 

GWG text: Some more photo's of Tobias' Emperor's children army: